Allenbrook Nursing Home

Garden Project

The harsh winter weather had taken its toll on the front pathway leading into Allenbrook. Our deep red tiles had started to fade and the canopy carpet had been ruined by the freezing temperatures. It was decided that a new pathway should be created to give us more space and ease of movement with our residents in wheelchairs and patients transferring. The weather was just about right at least it was free from rain and the workmen set to and began to transform Allenbrook

There was a complete change from the deep red slabs to shaded stone tiles which were laid in an unusual half moon shape surrounding the front entrance.

The white stone covered shrub bed has been replaced with the beautiful new brickwork and ornamental pots which will have shrubs and miniature conifers in them or a mixture of other shrubs. This will be decided on once the bricks have settled into their new place, which will take a few days to bed in.
The pathway continues along the side of the home and finishes off the look perfectly. It is quite amazing how large the space has been transformed into and it does look quite magnificent.

Photo Gallery

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